We have to admit that what first got us into the idea of prefab living was the prospect of never being able to afford to buy a house in New York City. We figured the only way our dreams of NYC home ownership would ever be realized would be if we could lease a high-rise rooftop and then stick a little prefab on top. We could have an affordable penthouse apartment with a view for under $200,000! Well, apparently we were not the only ones to have hit upon this idea…

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The $136,000 Loftcube, which we’ve featured before on Inhabitat, is a cheap and cheerful little prefab house designed specifically for roofs. But if you want to go even cheaper, you can always do as these people did, and go the Burning-Man route, and plop a $2000 Icosa Village Pod on your roof. Apparently one of the Curbed sleuthsjust spotted this little space pod going up on a roof in Williamsburg (across the street from the SEA). We don’t know much more about it than that, but you gotta love the photo. The Pod looks a bit unstable – like it’s had a bit too much to drink. Anyone know any details about this mystery rooftop dwelling?

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