The House of the Future is a conceptual project designed by the Australian Architects Innovarchi for an exhibition on the grounds of the Sydney Opera House. The prefab home blends the outdoors with the indoors, concept with practicality, andmaterials with expression in order to explore what shelter can do. The home’s concept is planted in green materials using wood sourced from a sustainable pine plantation, where the pine is able to provide a shell that can collect both rain and sun to naturally cool and heat the home. The ultimate goal of the design is to blur the lines between the indoors and outdoors, provoking occupants to reassess the idea of a traditional home environment.

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image by Xenian Lighting

The home’s unique shape turns the outdoors into the core of the program, collecting natural resources and feeding them into the home when needed and available. The rain catchment supplies the central garden, and in return the garden cools and regulates the interior temperature through central natural ventilation system. A strip of semi-translucent solar panels cross the home, simultaneously providing daylight and power, and LED lights and furniture are also embedded in the design. The home’s appeal is its refreshing take on envelope – the walls and roof mingle with less definition through a play of angles and unconventional material finishes.

+ Innovarchi

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