Clean, modern lines and eco design define the YiAhn bassinet- but this early life sanctuary is designed for functionality well beyond baby’s first three months. Rather than buying into the high-priced, short-lived bassinets he found on the market, Brooklyn-based industrial designer Chul Min Kang was inspired by the approaching arrival of his first child to create newborn furniture that honors healthy growth and extended functionality. The bassinet turns from baby bed to toy bin and bookshelf to chair and table- meeting your little one’s furniture needs all the way through elementary school.

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Crafted from renewable, low-toxic materials the YiAhn evolves from bassinet to storage to a creative space, nurturing children from their first day to their first double-digit birthday. Composed of Plyboo® bamboo plywood, stainless steel, chrome metal and 100% cotton sheets the YiAhn uses a simple rope tie system to fasten the modular components together.

Behind the gorgeous materials and sleek aesthetic is an ingenious combination of furniture creations that ensures a purposeful place in the home. When baby outgrows the bassinet it can be easily converted into a toy bin and bookshelf with drawers. As grade school approaches, the modular system can be transformed once again into a comfortable chair and table, appropriate for children 4 to 8 years old. And, if the stork should happen to pay another visit, the components are easily reconfigured back into the original bassinet form.

Chul Min Kang calls his baby’s first furniture “a design love story” and we’re equally enchanted – both with the thoughtful design and his beautiful son, YiAhn (pictured above).

Available at My Baby’s First Furniture: YiAhn Dimensions: 31″ H x 39″ W x 17″ D