Various Architects recently designed this striking Renaissance Pavilion for a competition to create a mobile performance space for Yorkshire Forward. Based upon a set of structural concepts perfected in their collapsible stadium, the inflatable event space is ultra-portable, generates all of its own energy, and is 100% recyclable. A gridded diamond facade conceals a faceted interior space reminiscent of the coal mines found throughout Yorkshire. The venue can be easily reconfigured to hold both small and large crowds, and it’s versatile enough to host everything from intimate gatherings to outdoor concerts.

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Various Architects’ Renaissance Pavilion features an inflatable structural skin that is precision-cut by computer-controlled machines, giving the pavilion a flawless wrinkle-free look. It fully inflates in a little more than an hour, and should the pavilion’s lifespan ever come to an end, the entire skin is 100% recyclable through a process called Texyloop.

Additional innovative features include the mounting of solar panels on top of its shipping container, which allows the pavilion to generate energy while it is being transported. Once the structure has been set up, wind turbines will help generate the power needed to maintain the inflatable structure and any lighting systems deployed during the evening. The hope is that the pavilion will be completely self-sustaining and will provide a versatile performance space even in off-the-grid locations.

The Yorkshire Pavilion is one of three finalists in a competition to design a new event space for the Yorkshire Forward, and the winner has not yet been announced. Unfortunately we were not able to cast our vote, but we definitely give a nod to the forward-thinking creativity of Various Architect’s entry.