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You’ve seen your local delivery people riding around with large baskets and carrying platforms – their bikes are clunky, but they get the job done. By comparison, Behar’s bicycle is much easier on the eyes. In between two small front wheels sits a flexible beige platform. With high walls and guard rails, the front platform can be used to carry groceries, a case of wine, a kid, a dog, you can even carry your surfboard to the beach!

The ultra-durable bicycle has been designed to maintain sturdiness, regardless of whatever load it bears, so there is no need to fear toppling over if the front is too heavy – all within reason of course. The soundtrack for your day is also planned for with the wireless jambox speaker integrated into the bike. Locks, lighting and bags are also included. A removable canvas panel can be attached with belt-like fasteners, which includes a secure box for keys and small items.

The bike is also flexible enough for varying street terrain with its 11 gears, and front and rear hydraulic disk brakes – also making for a grease-free ride. The Local Bike was designed not just as a means of green transportation, but to help make city life a little easier.

+ Fuseproject

Via Designboom