There’s more to hydration than simply drinking eight cup of water a day. The new Vessyl cup, designed byYves Behar, keeps track of what you drink by displaying the fat, sugar, caffeine and caloric content of any liquid poured into it. It can also track your progress by connecting to your smartphone via the Vessyl mobile app.

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San-Francisco-based scientist Justin Lee commissioned Yves Behar’s studio Fuseproject to come up with a design for a smart cup project he’s spent seven years developing. The result of the collaboration is a sleek-looking cup with a spill-proof lid, a non-stick interior and a front-facing screen that displays nutritional information.

The screen is switched on by tilting the cup, and it’s recharged using a simple coaster as a wireless power source. Besides nutritional information, the cup also features a built-inhydration detector called Pryme, which tells the user how much water they need to consume to meet that daily optimum depending on their age, weight and height.

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