We recently fell in love with designer Thomas Tzortzi’s Eunoia project – a zero emission update on the classic zeppelin. Outfitted with an array of solar panels and lifted from the earth using helium, the Eunoia can launch into the skies without need for a runway. The initial prototype is only designed for eight individuals, but as technology keeps evolving Tzortzi believes it will be able to hold up to 60 people at a time.

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Tzorti’s zeppelin will be made from reclaimed materials whenever possible, making the Eunoia one of the most eco-friendly forms of alternative transportation available. In addition to passenger seating, the gondola of this futuristic blimp also includes a sun-deck and a viewing room. Eunoia doesn’t have its sights set on breaking any speed records in the near future — it is content with being a cruise ship of the skies, flying slowly from country to country while picking up and dropping off passengers along the way.

+ Thomas Tzortzi Via:Green Diary