Built in the Gyeonggi Province, the Green Tomorrow house is a stunning self-sufficient emission-free residence with a fossil fuel consumption of zero. Not content with just making an incredibly low greenhouse gas-emitting house, the team at Samoo Architects achieved the first LEED Platinum rating for any building East Asia!

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The Samsung Green Tomorrow house is a 500 square meter zero energy house that is meant to showcase a wide array of state-of-the-art green building strategies. It was designed by Samoo Architects with Arup providing consulting assistance.

Among the home’s innovative technologies are a sophisticated energy distribution system that communicates with the grid, a high-performance facade that reduces energy consumption, daylight sensors, heat pumps, radiant floor heating, high-efficiency lighting and 163 square meters of rooftop photovoltaic panels. All of these technologies work together to create what they are calling a zero-energy, zero-emissions residence.

They also went for all other green building strategies such as dual flush toilets, waterless urinals and a greywater system that reduces water consumption. Low-VOC materials and improved ventilation rates ensure a healthy interior.

LEED platinum is an incredible achievement by any means. And the Green Tomorrow is one more showcase residence that shows what the future of sustainable building will hold.

+ Samoo Architects

Via Korea Times