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The Pop Up Interactive Apartment can sprout in any already existing building, which significantly cuts down on its construction costs. The polypropylene panels and walls are durable and flexible, and they can be easily set up and moved throughout the day. Each piece is cut to fold, bend or slide into an existing wall, opening up or partitioning off the space to provide openness or privacy. By simply moving a panel, the “Swiss Army Knife” apartment can be configured to suit various functions – and the panels can always be used to create furniture like desks or sitting areas.

During the day, the sleeping area can be transformed into a large, open living room or work space. This space can flex into a social gathering area in the evening, and then be partitioned to create privacy late at night. Because the space is limited to just 538 square feet, flexibility is key – so most of the residents’ belongings would be stored on the outer walls. The pop-up apartment is designed to make residents feel as if they are living in a sprawling home while in the thick of a dense, urban space.

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