If you’re vegan, Indian street food is a dream come true. There are many popular options here that are traditionally vegan and totally delicious. You don’t have to order anything on the side, get something removed or include any special instructions. You can simply grab a classic bite of street food and start eating right away.

Triangle-shaped deep fried food wrapped in a newspaper


Samosas are a well-known Indian street food that’s deep-fried and delicious. The traingle-shaped treats are made with flour and filled with potatoes and lentils. This street food is a staple of many Indian restaurants and it’s one of the most widely-known Indian street foods.

A white plate holding fried balls sprinkled with garnish

Pani Puri

Pani puri, also called gup chup and golgappa, is a tasty, savory street food treat. The puffed, hollow, deep-fried flatbread is filled with potatoes, chickpeas and onions. Commonly, it’s dipped into flavored waters seasoned with cumin, garlic and mint. Under any name, this dish is vegan.

A basket of dumplings with a side of orange sauce and green sauce


Momos are Indian dumplings made with a maida wrap. The stuffing is comprised of green peppers, carrots, cabbage and onions. The dumplings are accompanied by a dip made with chili, ginger and spicy tomato.

Puffy rice mixed with other vegetables


Bhelpuri is popular near the beach. It’s a combination of puffed rice, vegetables and tamarind sauce. The puffed rice crisps, veggies and sauce are the equivalent of loaded nachos in the U.S.


The vada is sort of like an Indian vegan slider. It’s mashed potatoes coated with chickpea flour and placed on a pav, or a bun. Street food vendors like to put their own twist on this classic sandwich. Green chutney, chilis and garlic chutney are common additions.

A crepe folded up with dips in multicolor on the side


Dosa is best eaten at breakfast time. Black lentils that have been soaked overnight are wrapped in a rice crepe to create this dish. This is one of the most popular street foods in India and it’s totally vegan. There are lots of different stuffing options, which typically varies by region.

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