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toilet, upcycle, reuse, sustainability, sculpture

The Northern region of New Zealand, on the Coromandel Peninsula, is known for amazing scenery, hiking, and camping. Now it may also be known for crazy toilet sculpture! This humorous installation near a campsite bathroom is intended to remind visitors to be careful not to drop their cell phones in the bowl.

toilet, upcycle, reuse, sustainability, bicycle race

Hoards of toilet bikes raced through the city of brotherly love to kick off the Philadelphia Fringe Fest in 2005. The event was created and organized by local artists Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala. Participants showed up with dozens of variations on creating a wheeled, human-powered vehicle with a toilet as the driver’s seat. Additional photos of the race can be found on flickr.

toilet, upcycle, reuse, sustainability, planter

If you are replacing every toilet in a home, it may seem logical to some to create outdoor planters with the fixtures! This practice of toilet planting is more common than we thought. Check out more examples for LuxuryHomeGarden.

toilet, upcycle, reuse, sustainability, fence

In the area of Soap Lake, Washington, one resident used toilets to build a “fence” of vengeance against a neighboring golf course. The home owner sat intimidating devils and zombies upon the bowls to mark his property line, and to keep the golfers out!

toilet, upcycle, reuse, sustainability, go-cart

Yup, this is exactly what it looks like—a two seater go-cart complete with beverage coolers and plenty of TP. The creator used a 6.5 horsepower engine to get some decent speeds with his bowl-mobile. Read more about the creation here. 

toilet, upcycle, reuse, sustainability, motorcycle

The most professional hacked toilet vehicle we have seen comes from the Japanese fixture manufacturer Toto. The “Toilet Bike Neo” is even powered on biogas from local livestock. We know what you are thinking—yes, it is actually POO POWERED!