The stunning 700 Palms Residence is a prime example of site-specific architecture. Designed by Steven Ehrlich Architects, the striking structure mixes raw industrial materials with a polished modern aesthetic, making it a monument to eponymous SoCal style and a sustainable marvel in its own right. Its breezy construction seamlessly integrates outdoor spaces with a flowing interior floor plan that was carefully considered to address the freedoms and constraints of residential design in Venice, Los Angeles.

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Steven Ehrlich Architects approached the project from a practical angle, making the most of a tight floor plan “by maximizing volume, light and privacy on a narrow lot with sensitivity to scale and context”. Large sliding glass doors provide natural ventilation while contributing ample amounts of daylight to the lovely lofted interiors.

A smart layout bathes all of the living areas with sunlight throughout the day, while solar shading minimizes heat gain. As dusk draws, night radiant concrete flooring helps to regulate temperature. The home owes its high-low aesthetic to the prolific use of low-maintenance recycled materials, making it an excellent example of how industrial construction and a sharp modern form can exude warmth and a welcoming atmosphere.

+ Steven Ehrlich Architects