If you’ve been in NYC for more than a minute, you know that apartment sizes can be a little, well, strange. The city is notorious for small apartments with awkward layouts and renters are often stuck converting closets into bedrooms just to make the most of their tiny spaces. If you’ve got an apartment that is small on square footage but generous in the height department, you’re in luck. You can buy a kit to add 160-square-feet of totally usable space to your teeny abode.

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The New York DIY Loft Kit from Expand Furniture isn’t exactly budget friendly, but you get what you pay for in this case. The Canadian company sells the kit for $3,115 and that scores you the heavy duty steel framed loft, a wrap-around railing, beautiful wooden floor platform, a varnished wood staircase/ladder, and, yes, an extra 160 square feet of space in your apartment that you never knew you had before (because, well, you didn’t).

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The whole shebang attaches to the wall for security, because we’re pretty sure a free-floating steel platform in your apartment is a bad idea no matter how badly you need the extra space. A loft like this, if you can afford it, creates a whole other ‘room’ in your apartment – perfect for a sleeping area or a home office setup.

Ironically, Expand Furniture calls this a “microloft” but it doesn’t appear that they sell anything bigger. Although, they do offer two more loft kits with smaller price tags, but the others aren’t designed with a New York state of mind.

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