Earlier this spring, Al Gore launched the $300 million dollar “We Campaign” with a slick green logo and website to support his non-profit organization The Alliance For Climate Protection. Through advertising and green partnerships, the three-year campaign aims to further educate the public about the crisis, call for the U.S. to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and ask for solutions from our elected officials. If you haven’t yet found your place in , read on to learn more about how .

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As UK newspaper The Guardian reported, Al Gore appeared with his wife, Tipper, on the CBS program 60 Minutes to roll out the massive effort. During the interview, Gore explained how he is funding the campaign with his Nobel Peace Prize money, and matching that sum with personal funds. He’ll also be donating all of the profits from the magnificent An Inconvenient Truth book and movie.

The campaign logo, designed by New York designer Brian Collins intelligently captures the collaborative (“we”) and individual (“me”) actions needed to conquer climate change. US art director, journalist, critic, author and editor on graphic design, Steven Heller recently explored the logo design for The New York Times. Over at WorldChanging Alex Steffan further commented on the “widespread” critique of the WE Campaign, making his suggestions on what could have been done differently.

Critique aside, and now in its third month of action, the WE Campaign has well over one million people signed up in the joint efforts to help stop global warming. The commonly shared concern for the planet has even brought together unlikely partners, like the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Pat Robertson, who find the environment to be the one thing uniting them. And therein lies the campaign’s articulate theme.

It is interesting to watch this great campaign evolve. Inhabitat will be following the evolution of the Alliance and will keep you informed about its progress. For now though, please do go over to WeCanSolveIt.org, add your name to the petition to declare that, like us at Inhabitat, you “…call on the elected leaders of the world to sign a global treaty that will solve the climate crisis.”

+ WeCanSolveIt.org + Steven Heller reviews the WE logo for The New York Times + WorldChanging

Via The Guardian, UK