Skateboards these days are amazing examples of graphic design, and some are practically objets d’art – what a shame that they should to go to a landfill after the boards have lost their pop! Thankfully, Pennsylvania-based Deckstools is here to keep art from the trash heap and to add style to your pad with their striking line of furniture made from reclaimed skateboards.

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Inspired by the way that skateboards consistently break, designer and craftsman Jason Podlaski hand selects broken board parts, and builds every stool in his Pennsylvania factory. A unique aspect of the design is that the cast aluminum trucks, which connect the deck to the wheels, are repurposed as hardware that joins the seat to the legs of the Deckstool. If you are in the Philadelphia area this weekend, you can see the stools and other recycled skateboard creations on display at VGroove Studios.

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