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The architect’s main focus in the Split House design was to fragment the building to offer incredible views of the surrounding landscape. Forgoing the typical square or elongated home design, the architects fragmented the shape, breaking up the traditionally-solid volume. This “split geometry” created a sense of seamless continuity that lets the nature-loving owners enjoy their surroundings from any location in the home. They also have a small private garden that blends in with the surrounding wildflower meadow.

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In addition to the home’s built-in harmony with its natural setting, it is also designed with “for-life” features that will adapt to the owners needs as they age. The architects “split” the design to not only make optimal use of the incredible views, but also to be subdividable in order to provide a small apartment to a live-in caregiver if the need arises in the future. The home is also fully accessible and also includes an internal elevator.

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Photography by Jack Hobhouse