The amazing ColorUp lamp can mimic any color from a surface or physical object, allowing you to customize your lighting again and again to fit the mood or room. The giant bulb-shaped lamp, designed by PEGA Design & Engineering, takes advantage of LED lights’ ability to illuminate in millions of colors. The innovative lamp’s base acts as a swatch sampler, reading a color from a surface that is then magically transformed into the lamp’s hue!

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The ColorUp lamp itself looks like an oversized novelty light bulb. The soft “bulb” is made from a thin layer of silicon, which has an elastic property that makes it squeezable and flexible. The silicon is also translucent, giving a soft diffusion for the your chosen colors, changing the atmosphere of any room with a colorful glow.

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To change up a room to reflect your mood, all you have to do is place ColorUp’s sensor over the desired color. You can choose the color from almost anything; magazine pages, your favorite sweater, a piece of furniture or a book cover can be translated and emulated by the lamp, giving the room a moody glow in your custom color. The lamp itself is battery powered, and with LED lights, it promises to be long lasting.

PEGA Design plans to get ColorUp lamp out on the market before the close of 2014, just in time for holiday shopping and decorating!

+ PEGA Design and Engineering

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