These colorful, high-quality scooters are made by hand at an Amish farm in Pennsylvania. The two-wheelers are powder coated in a variety of colors, and they come in different sizes – the largest is a hybrid bike and scooter combination.

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Designed and built by Hoffman House Farm in Pennsylvania, these scooters are designed to carry a single rider at a reasonable speed and may be outfitted with a wire-basket. Riders can enjoy gliding aboard one of these models available for purchase with 16, 20, or 24-inch wheels. The largest models are more similar to bikes, except that the rider stands on a low floorboard, rather than perching on a high seat.

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The Amish-made scooters have ball bearing wheels, high speed aluminium rims, welded steel construction and can carry up to 350 lbs. They are available for purchase and come at a price of $265.

+ Amish Made Scooters

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