Andrea Claire’s unique hand-crafted lighting fixtures are lovely to behold during the day, but are even more magical when switched on at night. Thoughtfully made in Claire’s Brooklyn studio, the collection of unique pendant lamps and chandeliers appear as cutting edge (and totally opaque) hanging sculptures when they’re not turned on. But when illuminated at night, their vibrant textures and colors become visible thanks to the glow of the LED bulbs within.

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Trained as an architect and artist, Claire began designing sustainable light fixtures after gaining experience working for Frank Gehry, Liz Larner and Vito Acconci. With her fine art experience, she developed a line of interchangeable products that could transition from fine art objects to functional objects at the flip of a switch.

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Combining the fine art aesthetics of Cubism with durable, long-lasting materials, Claire’s light fixtures, wall pieces and chandeliers double as sculpture and hanging mobiles. The geometric pieces are made from sustainable wood, quality porcelain and fine metals, hand painted in either wood or color finishes that change when illuminated. Each piece is also completely customizable to suit any interior.

Claire’s beautiful fixtures challenge the role of lighting in our homes, forcing us to reconsider a need beyond illumination.

+ Andrea Claire