We brought you a series of tips and tricks for green cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, and closet as part of Method’s Get Clean! Sweepstakes – and now we are thrilled to announce the winner! Katherine Brennan of West Chester, Pennsylvania received a kitchen makeover by a Martha Stewart expert, plus a year’s supply of Method cleaning products to help keep her kitchen clean and green. With some simple reorganization and a few new accessories, expert Pamela A. Kenney of Dream House Enterprises made Brennan’s kitchen not only easier to use, but easier to clean.

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Let’s face it. No one really likes cleaning. Scrubbing the stove and washing the shower aren’t most people’s ideas of fun, but there are ways to make these tasks less tedious and much easier. Method Home partnered with Martha Stewart Living for the sweepstakes, which aimed to make cleaning easier and more eco-friendly. We joined in the fun by bringing you dozens of ways to green your cleaning habits – from making a mold-blasting baking soda scrub to choosing nontoxic off-the-shelf cleansers that won’t leave a chemical residue.

Brennan not only received a kitchen revamp and Method’s eco-friendly cleaning products, but she also won brand new kitchen accessories, plus a copy of the Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook, autographed by Martha herself. Kenney, a professional organizer who founded Dream House Enterprises, refreshed Brennan’s kitchen with a few easy tricks.

“First we started by talking about what was working and not working in the kitchen. Then I organized some cabinets with all the food items closer together,” said Kenney. “Then I put all the baking and cooking items near the stove. I moved all the dishware close to the dishwasher to make it easier to unload the dishwasher.”

To learn how to revamp your space, check out our tips for green cleaning your kitchen, tackling the bathroom without toxic chemicals, and how to give your closet a green makeover. Your home will be organized and gleaming in no time!

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