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At the GROHE Celebrates NYDW party introducing their new Grandera collection, guests were given foam, paintbrushes, spray cans and sponges to draw their own hydro-digital art. The display was made up of a set of LED lights surrounded by a metal conductor that lights up when touched with water. Gradually, as the water dries, the lights begin to fade and eventually turn off, making for a spectacular artistic presentation.

GROHE, an internationally recognized faucet design company, collaborated with Forneau for the release of their new collection that tied hand-in-hand with their shared vision for the intersection of design, technology and water. The installation was on display at the NYC showroom last week but is now headed back to France.

According to PSFK, Fourneau isn’t finished with his “hydro” art just yet. Evidently the artist stated that he is presently working on a 2.0 version of the wall that will be able to display full motion video that can be ‘painted in’ with water. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for this one.


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