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The Aqua Mekong is the first five star small luxury cruise ship to bring travelers from the Mekong Delta in Vietnam to the Kingdom of Cambodia. The gorgeous vessel is made entirely of local sustainable materials, with little construction waste. Artisanal touches that reflect the historical aesthetics of the many cultures along the Mekong tie the sustainable features in with an exquisite experience, creating a unique eco-luxury escape- that also invites passengers to experience various cultures during its travels.

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The guest rooms, aptly called Design Suites, span the first and second decks. Each room is lined with floor to ceiling windows, allowing guests to feel directly connected with the landscape floating by the Mekong outside. The dining room, which is lit with natural sunlight, is lined with flooring made from natural woven fibers from the region. The vessel was designed to also encourage natural ventilation, with passageways to bring the tropical breeze throughout.

The luxurious accommodation also boasts an outdoor pool, library, observation level and spa. The Aqua Mekong is a unique getaway that combines sustainable accommodation with a journey to emerald forests, stilted villages and pagoda temples.

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