Tijuana-based firm Guillot Arquitectos has unveiled the gorgeous PS House, a private residence that was built with reclaimed materials salvaged from a previous home on the same lot. The beautiful home design focuses on providing a strong connection with the outdoors and creating a long-lasting space that will accommodate the owners’ needs as they age.

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a large brick home surrounded by grass
a home with an outdoor area of concrete and grass
The PS House is located on a 10,000-square-foot plot in a secluded residential area of Tijuana, Mexico. The previous home had endured years of structural damage that was too severe to repair; however, when the building team demolished the original structure, they managed to salvage plenty of construction materials that they then used in the new home or donated to other projects.

a brick and wooden-clad home
large central patio with bbq and ceiling fan

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From the very beginning, the plan for the PS House’s design had two main pillars. First, Guillot Arquitectos wanted to create a layout that would allow for a south-facing garden as well as a central patio. Secondly, the residence had to be limited to two floors in order to accommodate the owners’ needs as they aged.

a seating room with all glass wall and ceiling fan
a living roo and kitchen with an all glass wall

The building’s facade of exposed concrete and insulated red brick was chosen to provide the home with optimal energy efficiency. Double-glazed windows and an insulated metal roof bolster this feature by providing an ultra-tight thermal envelope. Solar panels help to provide the PS House with energy, and a greywater system sustains the landscape around the home, including the garden space.

a brick separation wall with large round mirror
a living space with large sofa and chairs

The main entrance to the home is through an outdoor patio with a fountain. Once inside, visitors follow an interior walkway that opens up to a spacious living room with plenty of seating. A large, red-brick wall gives the space a modern yet natural atmosphere.

view of an open-air patio area with seating
view of interior and exterior

The living area, as well as the kitchen and dining room, all lead out to the heart of the home: a large open-air patio. A sliding glass wall connects the interior with the patio, which has a BBQ area, outside chimney and ample seating and dining space.

a walkway leads up to a home's patio
an open large glass door

The rest of PS House was equipped with various connections to the outdoors. The master bedroom enjoys beautiful views of the green space that surrounds the home. A wide staircase leads to the bottom floor, where the extra bedrooms, an office space and a small wine cave all have access to the garden area as well.

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Photography via Guillot Arquitectos

a walkway leading up to an all glass door
a concrete barrier around a home