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Asbjorn Skou‘s imagery touches on human relationships, portraiture, angels and even wheelchairs. The cast of characters is brought to (larger than) life in oversized installations projected upon vacant walls in Copenhagen. These blank canvases are illuminated with temporary “murals” for locals to enjoy.

Once night falls, Skou sets up projectors in tucked-away urban areas. A row of residential homes is activated with a three-story rotating light projection of Skou’s drawings. Across town, the underside of a bridge overpass acts as another living screen, with images cast across walls and support columns.

Skou creates each of his images by hand etching a black Pani slide with an etching needle, which are only 15 x 15 centimeters! As the sun sets, the installations grow even more vibrant, catching the eye of passing traffic or pedestrians going for evening strolls. The images of people talking or birds congregating transform the disused underpasses and vacant walls into an outdoor art gallery.

Visitors to Copenhagen’s Sjaeloer Station were treated to Skou’s light installations that temporarily took over the familiar walls of the neighborhood.

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