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Ghidaq’s #zerowastecoffee artworks often depict landscapes that sometimes involve fantasy themes featuring characters from Harry Potter and Disney. The dreamy subject matter is an interesting contrast with the earthy and grainy medium. The artist achieves depth and movement in his works by using different tones of brown in his work. His inclusion of thin paintbrushes and coffee cups for scale shows off the exacting and delicate nature of his art.

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When asked why he prefers painting with coffee rather than oil paints or watercolors, Ghidaq replied: “I love intimacy. I feel it with coffee and It’s fun to have fun with something you love. So I can’t find any better medium to celebrate my feelings. Artists have to feel when they do something, and I think it applies for everyone. I have tried to paint using other media but [I didn’t have any feelings for them]. If you can’t feel it, you will leave it.” Ghidaq is currently writing a book about his coffee art.

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