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Although found pieces and sculptures of various sorts are scattered about the property, the junk castle stands as a vigil above the rest. A masterpiece of assemblage, the castle is constructed from items that range from sheet metal, tin, washing machine parts, dryer doors, miscellaneous housings, bedsteads, and even the door from a 1952 Oldsmobile. Since he built it in the 70s, Moore didn’t face many building restraints from authorities and the castle was constructed for just $500.

Moore’s main home on the property, which he shared with his wife Bobbie, was built from the old floor joists of a grain warehouse. Not surprisingly, the castle attracted much attention, and Moore found numerous visitors at his door wanting a peek after it popped up. Today the property is tended to by a new owner, and you can find the castle is featured in several books including “Strange Sites” by Jim Christy, “Fantasy Worlds” by John Maizels, and “Fantastic Architecture”.

Via Treehugger

Photos: David Patterson