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Vincent Skoglund, waste art, art installation, waste, landfills, Waste Management, recycled materials, reused products, reused material

The artist finds colors and variety in places where most people see ugliness. He uses worn out, broken objects to create interestingart installationsthat look both beautiful and strange. His interests lie in finding out what happens after a product reaches the end of its life span. He finds the process of decay interesting and uses the aesthetics of colors and materials coming together during the slow process of decomposition.

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The collection gives new life to discarded objects and lets them become part of a new cycle. “An endless stream of productsmade from natures resources, used by mankind for a brief moment in time. Things that inevitably will be shredded and buried away, burned, made into new raw materials, or simply left in nature… By now starting a new cycle, this doomed material is now back were it came from, in the new form of photography. Embodying the possible future of the photographic object itself.”

+ Vincent Skoglund

Via Unconsumption