We are constantly digging deeper for eco designers who are reworking the threads of sustainable style with new offshoots of innovative textiles and refashioned couture. There seems to be quite a few collections on the scene where recycling and upcycling vintage or thrift-store fabrics is the MO, but only a handful might be considered sculptural, museum-quality designs. Asiatica is a real exception to this trend, as their one-of-a-kind collection features recycled vintage kimonos and state-of the-art Japanese textiles in a fusion of methods and materials that really makes them stand out as art objects. We also love that Asiatica’s design showroom is located well outside of NYC’s fashion world, rooted instead in America’s heartland – further proof that decentralization is a great way to spread the seeds of sustainability and fashion artistry.

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Founded in 1976 by designer Elizabeth Wilson, Asiatica has set the bar high as a design house that aims to create fashionable, timeless separates that are truly trend-defying and trans-seasonal in their appeal. Using both vintage Japanese kimono and contemporary fabrics by Japanese textile manufacturer Nuno, Asiatica designs, produces and retails one-of-a-kind separates including jackets, blouses and pants – all from their Kansas City store. The design company is one of a very small handful of clothing companies outside of Japan to work with Nuno textiles, which incorporate nontraditional materials like silk waste, maize fiber and metals. For any of you who are true textiles geeks (like myself), Nuno textiles are totally awe-inspiring in terms of their texture and process, so much so that they can be found in the permanent collections of museums worldwide.

We love the haute-green, tailored look of Asiatica’s designs, and we look forward to catching a first hand glimpse during their upcoming trunk show here in NYC from September 10 – 26, 2008. In case you are based elsewhere in the States and are looking to score a gorgeous Asiatica jacket of your own, read on for a listing of upcoming trunk shows nationwide:

San Francisco 8/20-8/23 Los Angeles 8/25-8/27 Kansas City 9/3-9/5 New York City 9/10-9/26 St. Louis 10/1/-10/3 Chicago 10/7-10/9 Boston 10/14-10/16 Washington D.C. 10/28-10/30 New York City 11/11-11/22

Asiatica is also available for purchase at their Kansas City Store.

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