Nilesh Bansal has over eight years of experience as an architect and a designer and has been associated with many successful, design-led projects and specializes in the field of energy efficiency of buildings through passive means and producing cost-effective construction solutions. With a keen interest in the history of architecture, he has developed a strong fascination in understanding how human societies have evolved over the centuries. Being the lead architect at Chaukor studio — an NCR-based design firm that specializes in creating Regenerative Designs — Nilesh believes that as a designer, one has to develop the ability to understand situations in a more holistic sense and reach solutions that are encompassing. As the necessity of bringing positive impacts has increased multifold, he feels that designers have a huge responsibility of bringing regenerative systems in place and in spreading awareness toward creation of a better tomorrow. Chaukor Studio takes a holistic approach and aims to create a positive impact in the existing social, cultural and environmental systems. Regeneration is a process that renews and revitalizes any existing system and brings it to a better version of its present state. The practice has now completed more than 30 projects in the Residential, Commercial and Institutional sectors and has now become a leading design firm in the field of sustainability and regenerative architecture.