recently unveiled a new pendant lamp that showcases biodegradable materials and eco-friendly construction techniques. Dubbed “Study of Life”, the lamp consists of two concentric forms made from and .

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Vetterlein creates order from chaos by assembling bamboo sticks in a triangular interval to systematically form the main shell, which is fixed with sewing thread and non-toxic glue. The inner orb is created in a similar method, with paper glued to a bamboo rod. Except for the wire and bulb, which can be re-used, the whole fixture is biodegradable. How is it different from an lamp, you ask? Vetterlein’s design incorporates historical production techniques to attach the paper to the rod and create the circular shaped orb.

The inspiration for “Study of Life” comes from Ernst Heckel’s very detailed and intricate pencil drawings of structures, from the book Art Forms in Nature. The reference can clearly be read in the title of the work, but one may argue that the orb and triangle belong to the family. The ongoing dialogue between the materials, depths and shapes is quite mesmerizing and easy on the eye. The strength of the work is really in the story it tells, which creates value that extends beyond the life of the product itself.

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