Undulae is a series of table and pendant lamps made of cornstarch-based bioplastic tubes. The project explored various combinations of ingredients in order to understand the strength and behavior of bioplastic in its drying process. The end result was a mixture of cornstarch, water, vinegar, and glycerin, which was spread on a sheet of parchment paper, placed under a shape-forming pipe, then covered with another sheet to make a sandwiched unit. The unit was then held between two pipes on either side of its longitudinal edges. When the bioplastic was left to dry, it shrunk to create creases on the parchment paper which imprinted unique textures on the surface of the newly formed tubes.

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green lighting, lighting, lamps, decorative lamps, decorative lighting, decorative objects, art, sculpture, light sculpture, bioplastic, sustainable design, undulae, pendant lamps, table lamps, cornstarch, green design The longitudinal sides that were exposed during the drying process also created unique undulating patterns along the edges of the tubes, which added to their distinctive, unique character. Food color was applied to liquid mixture to create subtle streaks of color. These bioplastic tubes have been used to create two different types of lighting fixtures. One is a table lamp that uses the singular tube standing upright above a disk that contains the light bulb. The other is a pendant lamp that hangs multiple tubes from a disk, which contains the light bulb at the center. The disk itself is hung with metal wire. There are two lengths for tubes; one is about 36 cm and the other about 50 cm. Tubes suspended from the pendant lamp can be rearranged to create a variety of designs.


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