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The 1,750-square-foot Aiyyer Residence is clad in a rich variety of colors and textures that include red painted box-ribbed metal, gray acid-washed zinc walls, black surfaces, and exterior doors painted bright yellow. Designed for aging in place, the house comprises three rectangular volumes organized around a central entrance axis that step up in size and height from south to north, gradually transitioning from the forest into built environment. The strategically planned entry sequence begins with the garage and storage space, and a small front yard; followed by a larger volume that houses the three bedrooms and two bathrooms; and finally the largest structure, an open-plan dining room, living room, and kitchen, that overlooks an outdoor patio.

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“Movement throughout the house (down the hall, through a doorway, or across the room), is always toward a view of the outdoors of natural daylight—creating a connection between inside and outside 24-hours a day,” write the architects. The insulated glass openings and skylights also flood the interior with natural light. The airy open-plan interior is decorated with the client’s midcentury modern furniture collection set against minimal white and wood surfaces. Geothermal heating and cooling, as well as solar power keep the Aiyyer Residence’s energy footprint low. The house also uses rainwater harvesting and radiant floor heating.

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