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The former brewery opened in 1878, an was in operation until 1974 before being shut down. Deemed a historical monument, the collection of industrial structures started its transformation into cultural mecca in 1998. Developed by TLG Immobilien, each building in the original brewery complex still preserves its original signage, giving visitors a glimpse into its past.

The brewery complex is lined with an array of brick buildings that meet an arched doorway and gate, creating a natural cobblestone courtyard inside that spans the entire length of the block that the original brewery occupied. Inside, the resident businesses make use of this private courtyard, packing it with a beer garden and food stalls, all enjoyed without the noise of the city streets.

Entertainment of all genres can be found inside the complex, such as dance performances, theater, fitness, cinema, literature readings, billiards, martial arts, food, drinks and even a New York University outpost. Shopping, a tourist point and even the Foundation Museum of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany round out the eclectic businesses found in Kulturbraueri.

Amidst the modern businesses and entertainment, the flavor of the historic 19th Century brewery can still be felt, giving a window into the Berlin of almost 150 years ago.

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