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Cross # Towers is a residential housing project for the Yongsan International Business District (Dreamhub) that consists of two towers – one is 214 meters tall and the other is 204 meters tall. The project had to meet building height requirements, so extra mass is provided through two horizontal intersecting bars situated at heights of 70 meters and 140 meters. These sky bridges are topped with green roof gardens that provide space for recreation and leisure. The towers are also connected on the ground floor plane by a courtyard that connects to the rest of the downtown area. The “#” form of the building ensures that it will serve as a dramatic landmark in the new Yongsan Business District.

The project includes the development of 600 high-end residences along with amenities like a library, a gallery space and a kindergarten. Each apartment has access to the sky gardens as well as the sun and views. The facades are developed to correspond to the different orientations and solar conditions, maximizing daylight and energy efficiency.

According to Thomas Christoffersen, partner in charge at BIG, “The typical tower inherently removes life from the city it occupies. Circulation is linear and social interactions occur only in lobbies or awkward elevator rides. We propose a building that triples the amount of ground floor – triples the amount of social interaction and reintroduces the idea of neighborhood within the tower complex.”


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