Any big city resident can attest to the issue of rampant bike thefts — most of us have have experience with at least a wheel being stolen. The only solution up until now been to ride around on a cheap bike, but the Biomega Boston folding bicycle changes all that with a virtually theft-proof design.

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The bike, designed by Biomega in collaboration with Puma, integrates a lock within the structure of its frame. If a would-be thief tries to cut the wire, the bike becomes unrideable, but repairable.

Perhaps best of all, the Boston Bike folds up for easy transportation on the go. According to Biomega designer Jens Martin Skibsted, “The main idea was to get the folding function in the mix & still having a cool & simple object. Most folding bikes are kind of dorky. The inspiration to counter balance that came from BMX & Downhill bikes & American bad boy pop culture.

Indeed, the bike is everything an urban cyclist could hope for — slick, portable, and impervious to criminals. Want to check out the Boston Bike in person? Take a trip to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, where it remains on permanent display.

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