The well loved Bobble water bottle now comes in a colorful jug size for your home! Keeping the bottle’s modern and fun design style in mind, the new jug filters your water with ease and is even made from recycled, BPA-free plastic. Available in a variety of candy colors, the popular water filter can slip right into your refrigerator door for fresh, pure water anytime.

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Just like their bottles on the go, Bobble’s jug filter tops come in black, white, bright pink, red, clover green and turquoise. The filter, once activated by soaking for ten minutes, effectively removes harmful chlorine and other chemicals that plague tap water. After two months, simply replace the filter for continued fresh water. Each comes with one filter and you can even sign up to be reminded to change your filter with a friendly email!

The popularity of the jug has already been overwhelming, so bobble is currently only shipping to United States customers. Get yours in your favorite color, or one for a loved one just in time for the New Year with free shipping through the holidays on orders over $20!

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