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JDS Architects recently unveiled their plans for the Beijing Green Visitor Center, which will sit at the entrance to a new sustainable industry park. The building serves as a welcome area for visitors and employees and joins the existing car park to the R&D centre and the park loop. Inside the 5,000 sq m (53,820 sq ft) visitor center are multifunctional and exhibition spaces along with a reception area, VIP room, a shop, a cafe and a children’s area. The building’s volume is based on a serious of manipulations to protect it from its environs. In this way, the original rectangular box is pushed and stretched to create an undulating roof, which is characteristic of JDS Architects’ design style.

This undulation is topped with a building integrated photovoltaic system on the portion that faces the south. The stretching of the roof also serves to protect the interior from direct sunlight, glare and overheating, while still allowing for natural daylight to to enter the space. Moveable photovoltaic louvers on the south side further block direct light by absorbing it and generating energy. In the winter, the sun is low enough to reach into the interior and heat up the floors that act as thermal mass and distribute warmth throughout the interior. Rainwater is also collected and stored in an underground cistern for use in the toilets and the park. Visitors and employees can enter through the building or bypass the interior by walking over the top and gaining a different view of the surrounding park and landscaping. The sloped roof can also serve as seating and an amphitheater when required.

Images ©JDS Architects