The vast majority of folding furniture isn’t exactly known for being elegant, or even that easy to store when it’s not in use. But Bookniture’s innovative pieces provide a novel solution for those in small apartments and tiny houses: their moleskine-like books fold out to form sturdy honeycomb tables and stools, and when you want that floor space back? They simply sit inconspicuously on the shelf.

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Bookniture came about after the designers came across a sample of sturdy honeycomb board at a furniture fair. Fascinated by its potential as a material for flat-pack items, they researched ways to manufacture the board in the US, and then worked with traditional bookbinders to create the finished product.

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As Bookniture explains, the tomes can be used as a stool, a foot rest, a nightstand or a standing work desk. Able to hold over 100 times its own weight, you can even place a piece of wood across two books to create a bench, or stack them up to create bookshelves… out of books. Currently Bookniture is raising funds on Kickstarter, and is looking to go into mass production. For $60 you can get yourself one Bookniture piece in leather black or field brown with a light gray felt pad to cover the unfolded top and provide an even tabletop.

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Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen folding furniture made from honeycomb paper. Inhabitat favorite Molo has been making gorgeous folding furniture from paper for years, and some have questioned whether Bookniture is blatantly copying Molo’s design. Although Bookniture’s folded form is different, the unfolded products look nearly identical – and in the past Molo has pictured its softseating folded up and stored “conveniently on a shelf, like a book.” Molo also originally developed the magnetic panel closing mechanism that is used by Bookniture. What do you think?

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