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Inspired by the fairly hostile landscape of the island’s topography, the architects used a combination of natural wood, metal and raw concrete to blend the home into its natural surroundings. The dramatic asymmetrical edges and disorderly spatial organization was meant to reflect the island’s many rock ledges and rough terrain. The ultra-extended steel-framed cantilevered wooden deck adds a dramatic touch to the exterior and allows for incredible views from the interior. Black fiber-cement panels cover the exterior’s concrete walls in order to blend the structure into its natural location. Designers also used natural materials such as moss and native ground to cover the roof in order to further burrow the structure into the surrounding dark forest.

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The natural setting of the residence seamlessly flows into the house’s living space, starting at the entry courtyard where groundwater runs through the large landscaped outdoor space used for entertaining and relaxing. The home’s rugged nature makes its way into the interior with raw concrete finishes on the walls and the floors. Strategic touches on the interior such as narrow skylights, moss-covered ledges, and diagonal lines were all designed to lead the viewer’s gaze towards the sublime views of the expansive ocean below.

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