Looking for a perfect energy-efficient gift for that special bookworm in your life? Well, you’re in luck because New Zealand industrial designer Holly Bradshaw-Clegg’s light-up Pascal Stool is perhaps the most energy-efficient stool on the market these days. Built to provide contoured ergonomic comfort, the stool has an integrated reading light that only turns on when pressure is applied to the seat, taking away that pesky chore of actually switching on the light.

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The seat of the Pascal Stool is comprised of layered foam topped with a series of vertical laminated pine rods that were shaped using Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) technology. When pressure is applied to the stool‘s seat, the rods compress the foam, which triggers the light’s circuit underneath and switches on the light. Although it may not look like the most comfy place for kicking back with a good book, when the pine rods move into the foam they actually move into a contoured ergonomic shape, forming the perfect individualized seat.

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The New Zealand designer explains that the stool was invented out of desire to improve simple every day tasks, “I often get comfortable in my chair ready to relax, read, or work on my laptop; only to realize I have forgotten to turn the light on. This problem could have been solved with a simple light switch next to the stool, but I wanted to take it further and focus on a positive interaction with the stool. I wanted the whole design to be encased around an element of surprise.”

Via Dezeen