Samuel Bernier’s new floor lamp is upcycled from old fire extinguisher parts – and the industrial designer is sharing the DIY instructions! Named Achille Le Grand after designer Achille Castiglioni’s Arco lamp, the arched floor lamp was dreamed up during an upcycling workshop. Bernier has created a simple set of step-by-step instructions that shows at-home designers how to create their own Achille lamp from empty fire extinguishers and plumbing tubes.

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Bernier and a team of student designers participated in Lounge Share, a brainstorming and upcycling event that asked young designers to transform a pile of junk into working furniture. Culling through the junk, Bernier found inspiration in the shape of an old fire extinguisher canister, deciding to use its shape as a lampshade and base. The Achille Le Grand was born from there, and went on to win the first prize for the Lounge Share event. The shape and name takes inspiration from designer Achille Castiglioni, who also famously used industrial objects in his designs.

Using simple tools found in any workshop, Bernier gives detailed instructions on how to safely transform two fire extinguishers into a large Achille floor lamp with arching stand, with enough parts left over to also make a small desk lamp. Not for the total beginner, the kit requires hefty cutting, bending and basic electrical knowledge, as well as additional electrical parts.

You can check out the designer’s DIY tutorial onInstructables.

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