Small NYC apartments have been getting a lot of attention after Mayor Bloomberg announced his plan for an upcoming micro-apartment building in the city, but this Brooklyn couple began sharing their teensy tiny 240-square-ft. apartment way before it was in style. Erin Boyle and James Casey have become such experts at minimal living that the pair even writes a blog about it. Their Brooklyn Heights apartment may be mini; but it has all the comforts of home.

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At just 240 sq. ft., the apartment is smaller than most studios, but Boyle and Casey take pride in their tiny abode, which is light-filled and breezy. With only 140 square feet to function as their living/dining and kitchen, the couple had to get creative to make it suitable for two people to live in.

According to the couple, the secret to small space living is organization. Knick knacks and décor are kept to a minimum, while their life necessities are stowed away in boxes and drawers, to be retrieved only when in use. Their blog also details paring down on actual supplies instead of over-spending on beauty products, and the couple saves money based solely on their lack of space for splurges.

A small dining table for three, a couch and a surfboard occupy one corner, with chests of storage-saving drawers used as a TV stand and side tables. Their teeny kitchen looks typical of any New York apartment, and has plenty of cupboards for storing kitchen and dining supplies.

Over the kitchen is the couple’s sleeping loft, without which the apartment would function as only an awkward bedroom-kitchen combination. Despite the small space, the couple has adapted to the rules of little living, and even enjoys the lifestyle changes the small space has forced them to make.

+ Erin and James’ Blog

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