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The original Fuller Paints building façade was left virtually intact. The modernist metal 2 story ‘cap’ is placed on top of the original 4 story building creating a very unique character that both preserves the area’s culture while providing modern, dense and colorful city living . Two roof gardens, a walkway system and courtyard allow pedestrians to flow throughout the building, creating a sense of community for the inhabitants. The atrium courtyard was introduced into the heart of the building to provide natural lighting and send breezes through the interior. Heat pumps provide heating and cooling and low-flow water devices and xeriscape gardens keep water consumption low.

The mixed-use revitalization of the 85 year-old building is a cornerstone in the renewal of the entire neighborhood. The 158,000 square foot project offers 102 live-work spaces in addition to commercial and retail areas on the ground floor. A new train station is also nearby. Originally intended to be low-income housing by the original developer (who was also the partner Architect Lawrence Scarpa), the economic downturn put the project in limbo. New developers turned the lofts into a contemporary industrial space clearly aimed for young working professionals who want to live near downtown.

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