In a city known for its spas and hot springs, the community of Calistoga joined forces to build their own sustainable retreat, open to all local residents. The Calistoga Community Pool in Napa, California was made possible by its inhabitants who raised over $1.5 million to provide their own fun in the sun in the most sustainable way possible. The completely open community center, which parallells the pool area requires no air conditioning (with the exception of a small office), making full use of the warm climate and slight breezes that Calistoga offers. The butterfly roof was formed in such a way that it captures breezes, naturally ventilating and cooling the interior of the building.

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Paulett Taggart Architects took into consideration additional sustainable features when designing the facility. The wall along the pool’s west edge is dual functional, providing much needed shade while ensuring most of the excited screams are kept within the pool area. Permeable parking and on-site bio-swales allow for proper storm water infiltration and protect the Napa River, located adjacent to the site, from runoff. The interior of the building is minimal, requiring little maintenance, only including changing and toilet rooms, a pool mechanical and utility spaces, as well as a small office. The pool systems were also designed with the environment in mind, and are able to accommodate solar and geothermal heating when additional funding becomes available.

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