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Breaking out of the conventional office mode, Inhouse Brand chose to use an upcycled shipping container as the anchor point for the design of the entire office. They partially replaced the container’s walls with transparent sliding glass doors that visually connects guests to the office. Ladder-style stairs lead to the roof of the shipping container, which is used as an elevated work area.

99c’s office space is graced with floor to ceiling windows, so Inhouse Brand played up this openness by dividing space with varying levels, rather than light-blocking walls.  From virtually every point in the office, employees and visitors can catch a glimpse of the harbor and Devil’s Peak outside. The office was divided into two types of zones, a high focus zone for concentrating on individual work with more privacy, and a high-communication zone, which fosters collaboration and communication. These areas are nicknamed “campsites,” where employees can meet, eat lunch, or work on projects.

The openness of the newly designed office encourages innovation, activity and productivity, instead of the stagnant feeling a traditional cubicle office can incur.

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