We’re all for creative public transportation, but this scheme from Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co. may go a little too far. The so-called Straddling Bus looks kind of like an above-ground subway — except for the part where regular cars go under the subway cars.

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The system, unveiled at the Beijing International High-tech Expo in May, consists of a 4 to 4.5 meter-high subway car with passenger boarding on the upper level and a hollow shell on the lower level for vehicles to pass through.

Shenzhen Hashi spouts off some impressive statistics for the system: capacity for 1200 to 1400 passengers, reduction in traffic jams by 20% to 30%, and cheap building costs (10% of the cost of a traditional subway). But we have to wonder about the safety of this thing. Would you really feel comfortable driving under a bus?

Chinese residents won’t have a choice — Beijing’s Mentougou District is already planning a pilot project for the system.

Via Engadget