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Click Boom Pow is the onomatopoeic moniker for a small independent design studio based in New York. The creative firm, which consists of David Kim, Josh Reinhard, Tim Reaves and Mike Seto, is interested in giving unused objects a poetic and playful second chance after being discarded.

While using repurposed furniture as raw material isn’t a new concept, Click Boom Pow is focusing on the user experience and finding hidden rituals that we do almost without noticing them. We hang our coats from chairs’ back, we use them as side tables to hold a few books, and so on. The beauty of this newly made furniture lies in the way it addresses those unpredicted casual functions and new ways to use things that are far from what they have been originally designed for. Each object is of course unique, made by hand in New York, and has been repurposed from things people don’t use anymore — making them useful again gives them a 2nd Life.

If you are strolling around New York don’t miss the opportunity to have a look at the fantastic Franz, The Duke of Reichstadt kids’ table and other inspiring eco-friendly objects exhibited within the Model Citizens NYC at The Chelsea Art Museum.

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