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The house stands as a time capsule, protecting precious bits of the daily lives of its former inhabitants. Family photographs, clothing, shaving razors, and other personal effects remain in the house untouched, except by time and dust.

Circa captured images of a collection of maps, documents, and other items which may have been of great import to a previous occupant. As he moved through the Cloud House with camera in hand, the photographer observed that he felt that visitors “were welcome, as long as they behave themselves.”

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A bedroom holds a dusty dressing table, and a man’s coat hangs on the armoire. Did he hang the coat when he came home for the last time, or did he forget to take it with him when he left?

Although the photos reveal ordinary objects, the remnants of regular lives, they are alluring in an almost sentimental way, even for those of us who have no connection to the homes previous occupants. Close-up photos show how these everyday items were simply frozen in time.

In the Cloud House, all of the trappings of daily life are present, except for the people who once used them.

Via BBC News