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The simple layout of the home is achieved with an H-shaped floorplan. On the ground floor, there is a bathroom, a laundry, storage, 2 bedrooms, the kitchen and a traditional tatami room all joined together by the open living area. Terraces on either side of the living area provide connections to the outdoors and encourage cross ventilation. Upstairs, a large open loft like space serves as a showroom, but in a normal house,  could be a playroom, a second living area or an office. Each room enjoys a high level or privacy and space.

Lots of windows allow for plenty of natural daylighting, while louvers on the exterior of the house shade the interior from too much solar gain and cast stripped shadows onto the floor. Upstairs, inverted louvers in the studio simultaneously act as shelves and a decorative design element. Cross ventilation across the space helps keep the home cool, and the man-made pool of water next to one of the terraces helps cool down the microclimate through evapotranspiration.

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Images ©Toshiyuki Yano