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To design the treehouse and minimize the impact on the tree, Urbanarbolismo utilized photogrammetry to make an accurate 3D model of the tree. With this model, the team could fine tune their design to fit within the branches exactly, planning ahead where all the supports would go and appropriately building for the load. In the end, no branch or stick was cut during construction and the entire tree remains intact.

The main tree room sits within the center of the trees branches, while the deck unfolds in front of it and wraps around large branches. Some of the branches shoot up through the roof creating a canopy of leaves and shade. Multiple supports reach down to the ground acting as additional foundations and access points up to the treehouse. Stairs, rope ladders, a slide and a bridge provide access to the treehouse and are the only things visible from a distance sticking out underneath the leaves.

Windows around the main room fill the space with filtered light to simulate natural lighting. The roof is covered in heather, which gives it a thatched roof look and long strips of raw cork bark are used as cladding. The cork, which is a local product, is completely untreated or processed and still has lichen on it from when it was growing on the tree.